Blood Parasite (Anaplasmosis)

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Blood Parasite


  • Blood parasite is caused by the rickettsia Anaplasma ovis.


  •  is the most common symptom. Anemic animals have poor appearance and do not milk or reproduce well.


  • Passed from animal to animal by infected ticks, bloodsucking flies, and blood contaminated needles and surgical instruments.
  • Infected animals that show no symptoms of the disease are carriers of the organism.
  • The disease is fairly common in areas where anaplasmosis occurs in cattle.


  • Tetracycline drugs are recommended for prevention and treatment.
  • Suggested treatment is based on cattle-dosage control at 4 mg/kg IM every 30 days with the 200 mg/cc oxytetracycline, or administered orally in feed at 20 to 30 mg per head per day on a continuing basis.


  • Control of flies and ticks will help, as will sanitation of instruments used for castration.


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