Flukes or Flatworms (Internal Parasite)

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Flukes or Flatworms

Fasciola Hepatica

(Internal Parasite)


  • Fluke or Flatworms are fairly large and live in several areas of the body. The most common is the liver fluke.


  • Poor production and growth
  • bottle jaw
  • swollen and painful abdomen
  • anemia
  • Sometimes sudden death

Diagnosis is based on symptoms, identification of eggs under the microscope, and postmortem examination of dead animals.


  • The symptoms of fluke or flatworms infestation in goats appear as anemia and weakness. Sometimes swelling under the jaw, is not at all unusual to discover in young ruminants within the first few months. At that age it commonly shows up when they’re heavily exposed to it in pastures containing wet areas, before their immune systems can get up and going to protect them.


  • There are no vaccines against common liver flukes.


  • Rotational grazing of animals.


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