Foot Rot

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Foot Rot

Infectious pododermatitis

Causes:Goat Hoof needs trimming

  • Caused by the invasion of two bacteria, Fusobacterium necrophorus and Fusiformis nodosus, the disease is usually spread from infected carrier animals into the soil and then to the non-infected feet. Goats do not develop the condition as readily as do sheep. Wet soils and filth increase the possibility of disease outbreaks.


  • Lameness is the first foot rot symptom. The sole and the sidewall of the diseased foot appear ragged and rotten and have an extremely bad odor.IMG_0314


  • Remove the dead, rotten foot tissue with shears or a sharp knife (see Techniques). Trim down until healthy tissue is found. Some bleeding will occur. This is necessary to remove the diseased tissue. Spraying the area with a solution of chloramphenicol or 10% formalin, copper sulfate or zinc sulfate foot bath should be placed so that the goats must pass through it is as they go to graze or to be milked. Do not place the bath where goats are likely to drink from it.


  • The best method of prevention is to remove animals from dirty and wet areas for about 4 weeks so the organisms in the soil will die out or decrease in number. Regular trimming of Hoof Rot 1the feet will also help prevent this and other foot problems. Do not buy animals from infected herds.


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Trimming the hoof of a goat

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