Lice (External Parasites)

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Pediculosis, Lice in Goats

(External Parasites)

With rare exception Lice are external parasites that live only on goats. They are very small; only one species can be seen by the naked eye.

Causes:Lice on Goat

  • Lice have been a known problem to goat producers, normally during the winter months. The infestations of lice can cause intense irritation, restlessness and loss of condition. Lice are found on all species of livestock. The lice that are found on goats are host specific and only attack goats and their close relatives such as sheep. Due to modern production practices, it is almost impossible to prevent infestations; however, with careful management we can keep them under control.


  • The symptoms are paleness and itching
  • Loss in milk production.
  • Growth rate due to irritation.
  • Blood loss.


  • Lice are generally transmitted from one animal to another by direct contact.Lice on goat
  • The most common means of introduction into herds is by bringing in infested animals or comingling.


  • Treatment is easy. Many good insecticides are avaible to kill lice on goats.a dip is best. Soak the goat well. Treat at least twice, about 2 weeks apart. So that newly hatched young lice also will be killed.


  • Use insecticides on kids with extreme caution, as kids are very sensitive. Do not spray the premises; lice that infect goats live only on goats. Contact with an infected goat will reintroduce the parasite.

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