Rift Valley Fever

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Rift Valley Fever


  • Sheep, goats, cattle, very young puppies, and humans are affected by this virus-caused disease.


  • High abortion rate occurs in adults and high death losses among very young animals.
  • Sick animals show a rapid rise in temperature and a rapid, weak pulse.
  • Gait is unsteady.
  • Sores sometimes appear on the tongue and cheeks.
  • Milk production rapidly decreases.
  • Death losses are extremely high for young lambs, kids, calves, and puppies.
  • Adult sheep, cattle, and goats suffer a 10 to 20% death loss.


  • It’s transmitted primarily by mosquitoes. Ticks have also been identified as carriers. This disease is seen primarily on the African continent, usually during the wet season.


  • There is no effective treatment.


  • Prevention consists of housing animals in insect-proof buildings or moving them to highlands away from insects. A vaccine is available; however, it is a live-virus vaccine and will cause abortions in pregnant animals and deformities in the fetus.


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