Ringworm (External Parasites)

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(External Parasites)

When ringworms infect an animal, they tend to extend outward from the infected area in a circular pattern.


  • Ringworm infection is a skin fungus.


  • The symptoms are rough, scaly, circular areas where the hair is missing or broken.
  • The area’s most commonly infected are the head, ears, neck, and sometimes the body and udder.
  • The condition only occurs on the skin; there is no sickness or death loss.


  • Many such organisms can live for long periods in the soil.


  • Treatment for ringworm is best done by scrubbing the scales on the skin with a stiff brush or a piece of dull metal or wood.
  • Apply 2 to 7% iodine on the lesion, 2 to 3 times per week. Be careful when applying iodine around the goats eyes.
  • Rubbing the spots with a paste of the dewormer thiabendazole, made with the powder and small amount of water, will ususally get rid of the fungus and will not injure eyes.
  • A suspension of wettable captan powder also works well.


  • The building should be cleaned well after treatment to prevent reinfestation.


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