Health Issues

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The importance of animal health issues

Animal Health is a very important component animal husbandry practice. The health of the animals is the single most important component if the profitable of the industry. Animal health issues involves proper management and husbandry as well as veterinary care. Proper management is essential for the well-being of animals, the validity and effectiveness of research and teaching activities, and the health and safety of animal care personnel. We are providing this site to assist in identifying livestock health issues and ultimately finding solutions for these issues. The Identifiable health issues are listed in categories.

Keeping good records

An important component of a good animal health program is maintaining records that can be used to monitor animal health events, both physical and behavioral symptoms as well as outcomes and levels of production.

The record system must be structured so that information can be easily collected, analyzed, summarized, and available to the veterinarian, the scientist, and other university representatives such as Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).

Bacterial Diseases

AnthraxBrucellosisCaprine PleuropneumoniaCaseous LymphadenitisChlamydial Abortion
Contagious AgalactiaEnterotoxemiaFoot RotJohne's DiseaseListeriosis
Malignant Endema (Gas Gangrene)MastitisMelioidosisOmphalophlebitisPinkeye
YersiniosisQ Fever

Metabolic Diseases

Acidosis AllergiesBloatColostrum DeprivationGrass Staggers
Milk Fever (Hypocalcemia)Nitrate Nitrite PoisoningPolioencephalomalacia (PEM) Pregnancy Toxemia (Ketosis)Urolithiasis(Water Belly)

Parasitic Diseases

Blood Parasites

AnaplasmosisBabesiosis EhrlichiosisHeartwaterTrypanosomiasis

External Parasites

LiceMite TickFleasBiting Flies

Internal Parasites

(Fluke Worms)
Lung Worm
(Verminous Pneumonia)
( Barber Pole Worm, Candy Cane Worm)


(Internal Parasite)

Viral Disease

BluetongueCaprine Arthritis Encephalitis Syndrome (CAE)Contagious Ecthyma (Sore Mouth, Orf)Foot and Mouth Disease* (FMD)Goat Pox
+Nairobi Sheep DiseasePeste Des Petits Ruminants**Rabies+Rift Valley FeverScrapie

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