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About the Project Directors

This project is led by a multidisciplinary team consisting of Paul M. Johnson, Ph.D the Principal Investigator and Barbara Johnson, D.V.M Research Veterinarian and Instructor, (Cooperative Agricultural Research Center) where she served as the resident veterinarian at the International Goat Research Center (IGRC). They work diligently to achieve project goals and strengthen program delivery at Prairie View A&M University.

Paul M. Johnson, Ph.D. Grant Project Director Paul M. Johnson, Ph.D.
Project Director
Dr. Paul M. Johnson., (PI) attended The Jamaica School of Agriculture in Jamaica before relocating to Prairie View Texas to further his studies. During his undergraduate years he worked at the International Goat Research Center (IGRC) at Prairie View A&M University. He completed his Master of Science degree in Animal Sciences in the summer of 1994 and immediately started working at the IGRC as a Research Technician. During this time he worked on various projects relating to goats and continued his educational pursuit. In 2006 he graduated from Texas Southern University with a PhD in Environmental Toxicology. His passion for technology and love for animals motivated him to find ways to assist farmers in managing their animal health issues. In 2013 Dr. Johnson’s idea “Establishing a Novel Livestock Information Delivery System” was funded by the USDA 1890 Capacity Building Grant Program. He has since been working on this and other projects at the Cooperative Agricultural Research Center here at Prairie View A&M University.
Barbara JohnsonBarbara M. Johnson, D.V.M. Co-PI
Dr. Barbara M. Johnson (Co-PI), received a B.Sc. degree in animal and poultry science and a D.V.M from Tuskegee University. She has been employed since 1987 at the International Goat Research Center at Prairie View A&M University as research veterinarian responsible for preventative health care and herd management for approximately 400 meat and dairy type goats. In the College of Agriculture and Human Sciences, she have been responsible for the instruction of three animal science courses. She is a member of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee and co-advisor of the Prairie View A&M University Livestock Club, a CAHS student organization.
Rong Ren Rong Ren,
Graduate Student
Rong Ren, second year graduate student with a major in Computer Science. For more than a year, she has systematically studied the programming language and mastered the research background necessary to program the software code for the Vetlink application. She is fully involved in this project and she enjoys dedicating her time to improve the website along with the rest of the team.
Uchechukwu Uboh,
Student Worker
Uchechukwu Uboh, he received his first bachelor’s in supply chain management from the University of Houston-Downtown back in 2014. Later, he returned to pursue a second bachelor’s in computer engineering due to his passion for technology. His love for software development pushes him to constantly improve his skills and seek out new challenges. Hence, he enjoys the development for Vetlink. He looks forward to helping Dr. Johnson actualize the vision while working alongside his talented colleagues.
Codi-anne Carnegie and Shawn Russell, Student Workers
Codi-anne Carnegie and Shawn Russell, started working on this project in the summer of 2017 and spring 2016, respectively. Being a part of this project broadened their perspective on animal health and farm management issues. Their role on this team consist of them researching and identifying issues that farmers in remote areas may encounter and providing possible solutions to these issues using the website. They also assisted with website maintenance and search engine optimization. They provide great team building skills which is useful in the success of the project.

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